Frequently Asked Questions


 What kind of treats come in an EatsieBox?

Everyone's EatsieBox is unique - set your preferences after checkout to tell us what kind of snacks you prefer, and we'll surprise you with an assortment of treats you're sure to love. We have a wide variety of items from lollipops, jerky, and cookies to international snacks, spicy treats, jams and jellies, and chips - even cat and dog treats! If you choose not to customize your box, you'll receive items from all categories.

How do I customize my EatsieBox?

EatsieBox allows you to customize the kinds of snacks you receive in your box - you tell us what you like, and we do all the hard work of picking them out! After checkout, update your preferences list in My Account to give us the thumbs-up on what kind of snacks you like. When it's time to ship,  we gather a special selection of snacks and treats - your box won't look like anyone else's! We've got a wide variety of snacks on hand and our selection changes every few days, so you'll always get a different assortment even if you keep the same preferences. You'll only receive items that fit your preferences, so please set your preferences before we ship! 

How big is an EatsieBox?

Each EatsieBox is about the size of a small shoebox, and typically contains between 7 and 12 items, including full-size, snack-size, and sample-size items. A full-size box will contain between 1 and 2.5 POUNDS of snacks. That's a lot of delicious all in one box! An EatsieMini box is about half the size and will contain 4-6 items. An EatsieBox is full to the brim with snacks and may have a little packing paper to keep things from sliding around so your items arrive in good condition. Depending on the type of snacks we send you, you may receive heavier or lighter boxes each month. 

What kind of snacks can I expect in my EatsieBox?

Your EatsieBox is unique to you - just set up your options in My Account, and your box will contain only those types of items you selected. Our snacks are purchased in small quantities from a variety of producers, from local to international, and our inventory changes every few days!  


Other commonly asked questions:

How do I sign up for the EatsieBox mailing list?

Click here to sign up - subscribers get special discounts, notifications of new products and sales, and more! 

Where does EatsieBox ship?

Please note we are only currently shipping to US addresses - however, this DOES include APO/FPO addresses, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico! 

How do I customize my EatsieBox?

After you've finished checking out, click the My Account link. You'll see a whole list of different kinds of snacks. Place a checkmark next to the ones you do want, and un-check the ones you don't. Make sure to check off at least 12 options o we can give you a variety of snacks! When you've finished selecting your options, make sure to click the Save button at the bottom. If you don't customize your EatsieBox, we'll send you snacks from all of the categories. You can update your options at any time, even in between shipments! 

When does EatsieBox bill me?

If you've chosen a monthly subscription, you will be charged when you originally check out, and then on the 1st of every month after that. You are welcome to  change your preferences between shipments if you'd like. If you've chosen a three, six, or twelve-month subscription, it will automatically rebill six or twelve months after your original purchase.  

How do I cancel my EatsieBox subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to My Account. Please note that if you cancel a subscription with special pricing, you cannot renew it in the future at that price. Cancelling your subscription will also cancel any unpaid shipments that are outstanding or haven't been shipped yet. 

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